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Who we are

     Justina Ramdhanie, President of Ram-Fam Management, Inc. and Randolph Ramdhanie a retired Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, have been managing actors, models and singers for the past twelve years in Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA and Columbus, MS. 

      Justina was a dance major and graduate of Julia Richmond High School in New York City and performed along side Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy of the movie and television series Fame), Jacequelyn Bird and Traci Tracey (Dancers in Spike Lee’s School Daze). 

     After residing in New York City for five years, Justina relocated to Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS became an aerobic instructor and volunteered with both the Red Cross and Keesler Air Force Base legal office.  She eventually worked as a full time paralegal for eight years in Mississippi and Georgia gaining over ten years experience in organizational and managerial skills. 

    Our vision has always been to manage, advise, counsel, and guide the careers of hard working up–and-coming talent. Our clients can be seen in national commercials, print ads, Television and films.

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